Breaking Free (Lance Lang)


Acting on a direct word from the Lord, Grace Church welcomed Lance Lang, the President and Founder of Hope is Alive Ministries to minister on how to break addiction and find hope in Jesus Christ.  During his conversation with Gretchen Cannon, Lance addresses many questions that plague those addicted as well as family and loved ones who are hurt and wounded by addiction.  Listen and find freedom and hope!

God’s Kingdom is By Invitation, Redemptive, and Generational!

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The rule and reign of God’s Spirit in the human heart is redemptive in that He heightens us and frees us rather than enslaves us. The truth is man is too great a creation to be governed by anything but God!  In addition, as we invite Christ to be Lord not just Savior, the impact will be felt for generations to come as success in God’s Kingdom is generational dominion! 

The Kingdom is Increasing & Enlarging!

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Who would have thought that the small baby in the manger, born in Bethlehem, would grow up to be a great King with a heart to fill the Earth with the glory and Spirit of His Kingdom.  That is precisely what was prophesied though in Daniel 2:31-35 when a small stone cut out of a mountain (without human hands) became a great mountain and filled the whole Earth.  The church of Jesus Christ is not limping to the finish line but rising up and taking her rightful place under the authority of her King!

The Nature of the Kingdom: It's Unshakable!

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In a world that seems to get more chaotic every day with political fighting, social upheaval, and the drama of relationships what joy to know there is a place we can go and have security, confidence, and unshakable peace!!!  Jesus promised over and over again the Kingdom He was Head of could rule and reign in our hearts to the extent we are mastered by nothing or no one else.  Listen and live in the freedom of His indwelling Spirit!

The Father, Son, and Spirit Come In!

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In John 14:16-23 Jesus launches a narrative which changes everything!  While speaking of the Holy Spirit coming to “be in you and abide with you forever…” He then  mentions He Himself will come to the believer.  Then He adds, “In that day (when the Spirit comes to you)…)” He and the Father will come and make their home with you (Verse 23)!  Rejoice exuberantly with the body at Grace Church as God’s Kingdom of the Spirit is poured out!

The Nature of the Kingdom: It’s Personal

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Was there any more personal way to introduce the Kingdom and it’s nature than through the King Himself who would give His life for our sin and then take the form of the Spirit and come live inside of us?! I think not!  1 Corinthians 1:9 says God has called us into FELLOWSHIP with His Son Jesus Christ.  God has called us far beyond just a Sunday fellowship but rather into everyday inward intimacy with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!