Bringing Catalytic Change To Our Families And The Next Generation Part 2


Continuing on with ways we can bring lasting change and fruit that remains to our families and the next generation, the Holy Spirit adds: Model and communicate the true nature of God, Give the next generation not only room and opportunity to succeed but to fail, and Teach your children to obey their parents for their own benefit.  Listen and be aligned with securing the future of the body of Christ!

Bringing Catalytic Change To Our Families And The Next Generation Part 1


Everything God does He does with a generational mindset and long term impact.  In this message, the Holy Spirit unlocks 7 directives that will help us to bring catalytic change to our homes and families! 

1)      Get God’s heart for your family

2)      Forgive yourself

3)      Forgive the previous generation

4)      Renounce the natural effects of blood & family and receive the supernatural effects of the blood of Jesus and the family of God

5)      Become an actual disciple of Jesus

6)      Be your family’s Abraham

7)      Prophesy over your children and family

Raise Up People Greater Than You


Our intentional investment in others through our daily lives is crucial to sustaining the advancement of God’s Kingdom and our fruit remaining.  Scripture after Scripture points out this principle. Even Jesus was generational in His thinking.  In John 14:12 He said, “Even greater works you will do because I go to the Father.”  Jesus did not fear raising up disciples who were greater than He was, as a matter of fact He planned for it!  May all the generations work together to see His multi-generational vision come to pass!

Conversations with Mike Q. Daniel - 1st Service


Jeremy Griffin and Mike Daniel discuss the reality that God doesn’t hide His eyes and pretend we are righteous, but has actually made us Righteous through Christ!  What joy to know we do not have to cause God’s favor but rather get to walk in it.  They also warn against identifying ourselves with our gifts and talents rather than with Christ Himself.  Listen and be blessed!

Transforming Followers Into Leaders & Leaders Into Ambassadors


In Genesis 12, God told Abram to move out from where he was because He was going to do something so great in Abram that it would cause all the families of the Earth to be blessed!  So many times what God is doing will take more than one generation to accomplish, so we must take up His mandate to be intentional about leadership, legacy, investment, and integrity.  Listen and be blessed!

Valuing Personal, Intentional, Transformation


One thing Jesus taught and modeled and is seen throughout Scripture is that healing rarely happens in isolation. Community and a sense of belonging is built into our wiring as human beings.  What could happen if we were intentional in the Body of Christ about meeting consistently with a few people who love us unconditionally and long to assist us in our own personal transformation into the image of Jesus???  We will change the world!!