The Wisdom of Men Or The Power of God

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From 1 Corinthians 1:17 through 1 Corinthians 2:8 Paul contrasts the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God.  There is no comparison obviously as God’s wisdom and power show their absolute supremacy in and through Christ’s cross!  Paul writes all that God was doing in reconciling us to Himself through Christ was hidden throughout the ages as well as hidden from the rulers of this world for our glory.  Listen and find yourself in awe of what God has done!

Christ! The Wisdom & Power of God

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In this opening message to the Wisdom series, the Holy Spirit unveils how Christ and His cross put the wisdom and power of God on display.  Jesus’ life itself exuded the very wisdom and knowledge of God yet was hidden from the so called “educated.”  In the face of a culture that is full of so many philosophers, gurus, and logicians, man must once again today come to realize that any wisdom apart from God’s wisdom will end up being no wisdom at all!

The Ingredients Of: Security, Self-Sacrifice, and Belief

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Every good and healthy ingredient to a relationship, we learn as humans from God and how He treats us.  When you think of security and being loved for a life time, or the giving of one’s self for another, or having your faith and hope restored – they all come through the incredible power and character of our Heavenly Father!  Listen and be blessed!

The Ingredient of Love & Respect

One of the greatest things God has done for us is love us so well, so strongly, so unrelentingly; that He removed all our fear and replaced it with safety.  Knowing and believing the love God has for us empowers us to love and respect others to the point of driving out all fear from the relationship. Do you feel safe around certain loved ones? Do you feel valued and cared for?   Listen in and once again be immersed in God’s great love!

The Ingredient of Repentance & Forgiveness

The blessed combination of Repentance and Forgiveness is one more thing that God has joined together that man should not separate.  We have all wondered like Peter, “Lord if someone sins against me, how many times should I forgive them?”  Jesus famous answer of, “I tell you not just seven times, but seventy times seven” basically means we are to forgive each time a person repents to us.  This is an impossible task without the Holy Spirit’s internal help and power, but in this dynamic message you will be heightened to tap into that very source!