Ways God Speaks: Still Small Voice


It is so important for today’s Christ follower, that if we believe God is a speaking God, and that His Word is alive and active; we know the many ways He has of getting His Word to us!  After all, His Word produces faith in us.  God is Spirit and so His primary language is Spirit, which comes to us by a “still small voice” or in the case of the New Covenant believer, the Holy Spirit within us. Listen and allow God to fine tune your “inner ear!”

Keys To Hearing God’s Voice


Noise as well as many distracting voices hit our ears each and every day. It is so important to be able to filter those and develop a lifestyle of listening where our Heavenly Father’s Voice is concerned.  He so desires to lead us and guide us as His children.  Tune in as the Holy Spirit outlines some keys that will assist you in your hearing of God: 

  1. It’s not a formula. 
  2. Know God speaks to you more than you think He does. 
  3. Know you are safe with God and
  4. Choose to hear.

A Passion To Hear and Know God’s Voice


Truly every Christ follower and disciple should have a passion to hear and know God’s voice.  Being tuned to God’s heart is important so we can:

  • Know Him
  • Know His will
  • Guard our heart with His Truth   

Many times we get focused on the trials and situations we are going through, but God’s focus in them is most likely teaching us to hear Him better.

God’s Word Sanctifies Us


Sanctification is one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the Body of Christ today and yet in this inspiring message the Holy Spirit brings clarity and simplicity to its purpose.  The word sanctification means to make holy or sacred, to set apart.  In God’s infinite wisdom He has made sure that through sanctification He touches us in all three aspects of time: Past, present, and future.  The reality is in Christ our sanctification is: Complete, Continuing, and eventually Conforming us to the image of Christ.  Listen and be blessed!