The Price of Pride - Part 2

What Pride Will Cost You: Part 1 - 

Pride in its purest form is self-centeredness and selfishness; and boy is it costly!  Whether it shows up in a tuxedo and limousine saying, “I’m amazing, I’m awesome, I don’t need anyone or anything,” or it shows up dressed in rags saying, “I’m no good, I’m terrible, I’ll never amount to anything,” it is still full of me-me-me. 

Prideful people are either unable or unwilling to see themselves how God sees them, and that is where the error occurs. Only God can truly define us and give us a proper, healthy view of ourselves.  Without that proper view, pride will get in and cost us: relationships, wisdom, grateful hearts, promotion, and God’s grace.  If you are unsure where you stand on pride, listen in and take the “Pride Test” with Pastor Steve and the believer’s at Grace Church! 

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