The True You - Part 3

Got Tea? - In this follow up to the 2010 breakthrough series, "The True You", Pastor Steve uncovers three major strongholds faced in Oklahoma today: Separation Theology, Performance Based Acceptance, and Performance Based Identity.

After those are uprooted, he lists five Godly foundations that need to be laid in every believers heart and mind:
1. There is truth that exists beyond what you think, feel, and believe about yourself
2. The truest thing about you is what God says about you
3. The most humble thing you can do is agree with who God says you are
4. God cannot lie so what He says must be true
5. If knowing the Truth is what sets you free then it is the believing of a lie that will set you into bondage.

Listen and allow your life to be radically, drastically changed for the good!

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