Community in an Individualized Culture - Part 7

Byproducts of Community: Part 2 - In a culture where individualism and self-centeredness is more and more celebrated, the body at Grace Church answers God’s invitation to ‘come together in greater degrees of comradery, connectivity, and community.’

In this exciting series, Pastor Steve uncovers many hidden Biblical Truths admonishing God’s people to flee isolation and simply do what the Bible asks us to do regularly: pray for one another, exhort one another, admonish one another, and love one another. 

There are over forty verses in the New Testament that someone simply cannot do if they are by themselves. Community is not some sanctioned church program, it is in the hard-wiring of every born again child of God.  It is simply taking all the things we love about Sunday mornings and doing them the other six days of the week; because it’s true – Sunday’s are just not enough!

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