Awaken Unto Righteousness - Part 5

Make The Tree Good And It's Fruit Will Be Good - Time and time again the Scriptures outline the reality that Jesus Christ has made a way for every human to be made right with God or made "righteous". The word righteous means, "To render innocent, to make holy, right standing, to vindicate or acquit."

In this powerful series, the Holy Spirit outlines the absolute importance of every believer's identification with Christ-based righteousness instead of man-based or performance based righteousness. Today there are many who still struggle with elevating their feelings, their behavior, and even their beliefs about themselves over God's Truth.

The benefits and byproducts of gifted righteousness are:
1. Sanctification
2. Peace with God
3. Quietness
4. Confidence Forever
5. Peaceful Dwelling Places
6. Security
7. Rest
8. Love and Honor For God's Word
9. New Family Tree and Family History
10. New Nature, Spirit, Desires, and Want To's

Listen and be transformed by God's Word and Christ's Gift.

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