All the religions of the world have nice things to say about Jesus. They know better than to attack or discredit Him because He’s not only revealed in Scripture as the Christ,  the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, and the Savior of the World; but He is a real Person.  He, His ministry, and His miracles are supported both by History and Museums.   Unfortunately, in a culture that is selling itself to the ideology of Political Correctness, His truth and realities  are being labeled as offensive to some.   Do we panic? Do we get angry?  Take heart in the fact Jesus never jockeyed for position, influence, or power in the world.  Why?  He already had it all!  All authority in Heaven and in Earth was given to Him by His Father.  Let us as the ambassadors of His Kingdom learn from His example!! Click here for the full series to date!