Times Are Tough But God's Tougher

By Jeremy Griffin

Several times in my life I've found myself searching, struggling to find purpose behind the challenges and pain that come from just living.  When we get saved we are so often led to believe that from then on everything will be coming up roses but eventually we all find out things just are not that way.

God has been saying to me lately this phrase, "for such a time as this".  He has been reminding me how specific I have been made.  He is reminding me that my passions and convictions are not a flaw to be managed or curbed but are exactly how He has designed me.  When conflict comes, or challenges abound amidst the walking out of who we are we are sometimes tempted to retreat inward and yield to the resistance.  I'm not suggesting we walk unbridled but rather stay bridled thru Christ in us and hold fast to the convictions He has made clear to us.

Its easier to give up, there is no doubt about that, but that road eventually leads to destruction.  The song in the video below always keeps me centered and focused on the Lord.  If you are or have been struggling I hope this finds you in a timely fashion.