Tolerantly Intolerant

As you can see in Houston Texas, the clash is growing between "Do you belong to the CULTURE of this world?" OR "Do you belong to the CULTURE of the Kingdom of God in Christ?" You see-- values, ideas, and morals are what shapes a culture. If you do not think that the media, the government, or other similar entities are not trying to shape America's culture with their thoughts, ideas, and values of what is "right", you are sadly mistaken.

Perhaps the most important question that should be asked right now is: "WHO IS THE SOURCE OF THE THOUGHTS/IDEAS/VALUES YOU USE TO DETERMINE WHAT IS TRUE ABOUT YOU? ABOUT GOD? ABOUT LIFE? Is it the media? Is it laws of the land? Or is it God and what He says? I can promise you the "tolerance" we are being "shown" as Christians appears to be getting smaller and smaller.