Who Are You Listening To?

By Pastor Steve

Who is the source of the thoughts & ideas that form what you believe about yourself? Is it TV? Magazines? Your Career? Friends? The government? Do those thoughts & ideas free you or limit you and our potential? I am convinced after 43 years of living as a human being that our value, worth, potential, and purpose should originate from God's word & God's voice and nowhere else. He knows us best, He made us.  Unless TV made you or some magazine editor, there are a whole lot of things they do not know about you and your potential.

Colossians 1:16 says, “Every created thing was made by God and for God.” This means that in your very design you are made FOR GOD! This is why humans prove every day that money can’t satisfy us, alcoholism, drugs, other people, or pornography. Man is too great of creation to be satisfied by anything but God; and that’s how God designed it!  Gas in the car, oil in the lamp, Christ in the human.