10 Ways To Be A Contagious Christian!

By Pastor Steve

1.       Wake up. Renew your mind. Be your New Creation self.

2.       Be kind. Romans 2:4 (1 Pet 3:15 says w/ gentleness & respect)

  • Live it before you speak it.
  • It’s always good when the pwr of msg can be seen in life of msgr!

3.       Be Generous. (Pr 11:25) Mindset of more than enough

  • Example: Take several $1 bills & Outreach cards. Tip wait staff randomly
  • Other examples: Free car wash or $1 car wash; Free soda/water giveaway
  • Mow lawns; mother’s day free carnation giveaway; free stamp give away at PO
  • Buy a person’s lunch at work. Buy their favorite soda (God is thinkin about you)
  • Small things done w/ great love will change the world!

4.       Treat others how Jesus treats you. He loves you and forgives you.

  • See when others hurt you as an opportunity not an obstacle.

5.       Be friendly at church!! Approachable, kind, considerate to one another & guests!

  • Read JN 17:22-23

6.       Care more about the sinner than the sin.

  • Don’t fall out, breathe all air out, weeping & gnashing of teeth!
  • Connect w/ them in their struggles.

7.       Rely on the Holy Spirit! No one comes to the Father unless the Spirit draws him.

  • Jesus didn’t pray 4 or witness to every person He passed by.

8.       Lead peep to the cross rather than condemn them 2 it. (how? Be humble)

9.       Be good listener.  Your speech is not more important than their problem.

  • Use discernment. Read between lines of what they say. Find root vs fruit.

10.    Pray. Serve. Give.  (Find your niche). There is no sacred or secular anymore.

  • There are a lot of ways to be a part of what God is doing here at Grace Church.
  • Not all of us have to speak directly to people. We can give, we can cook food, we can deliver meals.