Friday Blog

Be sure and join Stacy and me this Sunday as we begin the brand new series, "The Price of Pride!"  If there was ever a series that, "Hurts so good", I am thinking this is the one!  But honestly what I love about being a part of Grace Church is that we truly do want to grow, mature, and allow Jesus to be seen in us. And if pride is something that blocks HIM being seen through me (and it is), then I want to be able to recognize it and not participate with it.  Below are just a couple of my thoughts that the Holy Spirit will reveal in this series!!

Pride knows no kindness. It refuses to put itself in another person's shoes. Thus every wrong is taken personally which works to justify feelings of resentment and bitterness. The only problem with that is, there is no single thing that wreaks more havoc on the human mind & body than hidden resentment.

God's kind of love, the opposite of pride, does not take into account a wrong suffered (1 Corinthians 13:5). If we begin to think more about the person that hurt us than we think about ourselves, it will take the 'sting' out of our pain. With it comes the revelation, 'hurting people hurt people.'

Women can sometimes be more susceptible (than men) in allowing past hurts and grudges to linger because in their wiring/design they are not only life-givers (at birth) but also life-nurturers/sustainers (they are the breasted ones). Women are built for nurturing, sustaining, and feeding things. This is awesome if it is a baby, it is disastrous if it is a past pain, hurt, or offense. Ladies must guard their hearts each day and make sure they are not 'nursing' old things God wants them to let go.

Pastor Steve Eden