Slides from Sunday

Genesis 1:4 – God called the light good.

Genesis 1:10 – God called the land and seas good.

Genesis 1:12 – God called the grass and trees good.

Genesis 1:18 – God called the sun and moon good.

Genesis 1:21 – God called the fish and birds good.

Genesis 1:25 – God called the beasts and cattle good.

Genesis 1:31 – God called everything He saw good.

Genesis 2:18 – God says it is not good for man to be alone.

Reinforcement and Repetition through Relationship produces Discipleship

Your life changes not because of a Church service or program,

but when you get in the safety of a few peep you can be honest with.

Community is:

1) It’s a place of connection.

2) It’s a place of confession.

3) It’s a place of protection.

4) It’s a place of progression.

When you come to Grace Church:

1) Found Jesus here.

2) Found great church here.

3) Found Truth & freedom here.

But Also:

4) Found authentic Christian relationships here.

5) Found discipleship/maturity in Christ here.

6) Found my gifting/calling here. (where I fit)