Good Weather This Sunday!

Very grateful to the Lord for this Sunday's good weather because missing last Sunday was tough. I know that gathering with other believers is certainly not necessary to be a born again Christian, but man, it sure is encouraging and edifying to be around other believers who love you and pray for you. One of the things we will talk about in this Sunday's message on Community is the fallacy of the "You only need God" message. While it is true that only God satisfies, people need people too. Just notice how many times God uses people to minister His love and comfort? God used the first body of Christ (Jesus) to touch so many people and yet I am convinced God desires to touch even more people today through the current body of Christ!! Come on out and let's worship together at 9 am or 11 am!!

This is God's Word!

The truest thing about us is what God says about us!

We humbly agree:

That we are one body in Christ!

That we are assembled together by His hand!

And that we are called together through His holy calling!