Family Series Begins Tomorrow!

As the Lord stirs our hearts again that He is not looking for better methods but rather better men, we launch into "Principles of Successful Families" series. I have posted below some of the notes/stats I will share:

Psalm 11:3 - If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?

Latin Word for Father is fundus, which means base/bottom- where we get foundation.

o Hence the foundation of the home/family is the originator or father. (Also means: Source)

o The Father begins the family with seed, then sustains, nourishes, protects, teaches, and disciples the family.

We will be looking at the plague of fatherlessness in our nation:

Baltimore isn't revealing a race issue or a poverty issue as much as it is revealing the biggest issue facing our nation: fatherlessness. Currently, statistics show the #1 indicator of deviant behavior in a child is no longer race or poverty, it is fatherlessness.

o 90% of all runaways & homeless children come from a fatherless home.

o 70% of all juveniles in state institutions come from a fatherless home.

o 75% of all adolescent patients in drug rehab come from a fatherless.

o 80% of rapists who rape out of displaced anger come from a fatherless home.

o 63% of youth suicides come from a fatherless home.

  • Carl Zimmerman, Harvard sociologist studied every major empire & role of family in each culture's decline. He said they are characterized by:

o 1- The loss of male leadership in the home

o 2- An increase in the number of divorces

o 3- Lack of commitment to the sacredness/permanence of marriage

o 4- Family not looked upon as a solution to social problems

o 5- Acceptance of all forms of sexuality

o 6-Adultery/Fornication were celebrated not discouraged. (94% of sex on TV today is between unmarried people)