This Sunday on Family

This Sunday we will again be looking at the first and foundational principle of the Family - Fatherhood. By definition in any language including the Bible, the Dad is the originator of the family. We will soon get into how we can best lead our blended families, single-parent families and others, but right now God is calling the men to step up and lead their homes. A few stats worth noting:

84% of all abortions annually in the US are performed on women without a husband.

46% of all children from single parent homes lives below the poverty level while only 8% of those living with both parents fall below it.

In 1945 less than 5% of children were born into fatherless homes, today over 41% are born into fatherless homes.

Let's come praying, seeking, and fellowshipping with our Lord Jesus Christ allowing Him to ignite our hearts with what ignites His!