This Sunday ~ Holy Spirit

Join us this Sunday as we continue unpacking the wonderful 3rd Person of the Godhead: The Holy Spirit!! What a blessing this series has been so far, as the Lord has taken the lead on it. Even last week, more than talk about or teach the gifts, HE had us operating in them (both corporately and individually one to another)! This week we will look at the mystery of the promised ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’ which John the Baptist said Jesus would bring us. Here’s some early reading for you to ponder:

Acts 8:12-17

Acts 19:1-8

Apparently the apostles didn’t know (sarcasm) that once you believed on Jesus and got water baptized, there was nothing left to do but sit in a pew and be bored… They said there was more out there if you wanted to receive it – the baptism of the Holy Spirit!