Wake Up To Who You Are! - 1st Service Word

The Lord gave Nikki Reed a word during 1st service today:

You are not being made into something else...you already ARE! You may continue to be strengthened, but you've already received the transformation. You may continue to be sharpened, and you may learn over time how to use all the tools you've been given..but you DO already possess them. Awaken to that fact. You are NOT a work in progress, but a completed masterpiece and the only thing left for you to do is discover the intricacies that are already woven into your tapestry. Discover the beauty of what has already been created in you. It's all there, and has been there since the very moment you received Me. All along I've known the design of you. You didn't happen by accident. I didn't make things up as I went along fashioning you. Your mistakes, missteps, and so-called "flaws" didn't influence your creation or place stains or tears in the fabric of who you are. The only thing that influenced your design was my purpose for you. And here you are...complete, equipped, and in the place and time I purposed you for. When you realize this, truly take it into your heart and nurture and grow it, fully accept it, then you will be able to be used in the way you were designed and I will be shown powerful. Believe me, and be free.