Christ is the answer

There has been much spoken about "relevance" in the midst of declining church attendance numbers in the 2000's. The American church in the name of keeping itself afloat and appealing has tried all kinds of tactics and ideas from coffee shops to concert experiences to even offering the self centered theology of the American culture as though God was 100% behind putting us at the center. Yet if you want to be relevant to a human being do you not have to talk about Jesus Christ? If we are vending anything to people it should not be more "appealing" religious goods and services but the life, person, and spirit of Christ. After all every human on this planet according to Colossians 1:16 is made "by Him and FOR Him." Therefore Christ is God's total answer to mans total need.

The bottom line is man is too great a creation to be satisfied by anything but the spirit of Christ. And because man did not make himself, he cannot change this about himself. He can try and seemingly has tried to be fulfilled by all kinds of other things and yet he cannot shake his inner need for Christ -- it's been written into him by his Creator. Gas goes in the car, oil goes in the lamp, Christ goes in the human being. This will not change. Christ has divinely cornered the market on human fulfillment.

God's desire has always been internal intimacy and companionship with man by his Spirit. Everything else flows out of that. The church unfortunately has majored on the benefits and features of Christ more than on Christ himself. Thus an incomplete gospel has left an incomplete result. The church has even tried to set herself up as the end to be sought. Yet when did Jesus ever mention church attendance as a cure all to what ails man? If it is true individually that if a man tries to save his own life he will lose it; it must be true corporately as well in regard to the church. If a church tries to save herself, she will lose herself, but if she loses herself for the sake of Christ she will find herself and her true meaning. Christ is the cause of the church, the advancement of His kingdom/spirit in the hearts of humanity. They must re-adopt the great words of the apostle Paul: "We preach Christ and not ourselves."