From Sunday

Some of my favorite nuggets from Mike Q Daniel at Grace Church:

1) Jesus is not a loan shark, someone who paid your debt then demands you pay him back with interest. He doesn't want my life as payment, but died so I can have His. 2) In a room full of thoughts of who's the greatest, Jesus takes a towel and serves. 3) Jesus showed up not needing to have His needs met from everyone in the room. 4) God wants to deliver us from need based living so we can serve others. 5) Jesus didn't live from the lie of lack. We have the "everything" of God too, but don't know it. 6) We don't have "all things" in this world but we lack for nothing. 7) You have nothing to lose, nothing to earn so what now? You are free to enjoy God, be at peace, serve others, live surrendered, participate with the "everything" of God. 8) Three things (from John 13) Jesus knew that freed Him from needing people so He could serve: * Father had given all things into His hands. * He had come from God. * He was going back to God. 9) I know God loves me but He is still convincing me. 10) What's true of Jesus by merit is true of me by grace! 11) My availability plus His capability = infinite possibility 12) Don't care more about the provision than your Provider. * We say, "Jesus you're enough, now please give me what I really want." Only Jesus satisfies. 13) Grace is not passive, it's running at rest. 14) You can't live beyond what you don't believe. 15) What you do for God speaks of you, what He does thru you speaks of him.