Notes from Sunday

1) You don't suffer afflictions because you DON'T have faith but BECAUSE you DO have faith. 2) Don't let the enemy condemn you when you struggle with health problems. Romans 8:1 says, There is therefore NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. 3) Romans 8:11 says the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead gives life/health to your mortal body through His Spirit that indwells you. 4) If your body went to the next "body convention," what would it say about you as it's owner? Would your body say how thankful it is that you hasten to choose love over hate, good will over ill-will, and peace over strife? 5) Our Heavenly Father NEVER puts sickness on us to "teach us a lesson." Would we ever do that as parents? God forbid. 6) Jesus didn't just come to tell us how to live but to SHOW us how to live. 7) The Bible records crowds of people saying about Jesus "He speaks as One who has "authority." Which literally means He taught "according to the nature of reality." He taught us as though He had made us! 8) I believe we are biologically and physiologically designed to be Christ-like. Any doctor (even an atheist doctor) would say that humans are much more healthy in love, joy, and peace than they are in hate, fear, and strife. 9) Not only does the Holy Spirit protest every step of our departure away from Christ likeness, but our bodies do too! 10) Jesus healed people simply as a demonstration of the culture of wellness and wholeness He represented ~ The Kingdom of God.