Some notes for this Sunday!

1) There are times to use prayer so things get changed, but there are times to use prayer so we get changed. 2) In the midst of worry, we need the view and opinion of God (His Glory) which Jesus said was bestowed upon us in John 17:22. 3) Worry says God doesn't care so I'll have to worry this situation through with stressing and striving; but faith says God does care and He and I will work this out together. 4) We keep asking God for a worry free life and haven't realized He's already given us one (Christ life within us!) 5) Jesus points out in Matthew 6 that the entrance of worry into our lives is directly tied to not realizing our value to our Father. 6) John says in 1 John 4:18 that if we are tormented with fear, we have not understood our Father's perfect love for us. Therefore, do not try to trust God more but rather get to know Him and His love for you better. 7) Jesus never said troubles won't come but He points out in Matthew 6:34 not to bring tomorrow's troubles into today; ruining both days. 8) A great way to overcome stress and worry is to lean into quality relationships and community. Healing rarely happens in isolation.