Ten Reasons I Traded Long Hair For Buzz Cut

By Jeremy Griffin

1-Time Saver - This one is obvious.  Drying time is nonexistent and style is done before I am even fully dressed.  With long hair I had to use hairspray and ponytail holders and on “wash days” I still had no hope for the end result of my hair to be presentable.

2-Wash Cycles Suck - Speaking of “Wash Days”… My scalp is naturally dry and with my OCD needing to wash my hair every day I did not stand a chance to have a presentable hair day.  I started a wash cycle and changed shampoos and eventually found something workable but I nearly had to calendar my wash days to make sure timing fell right for public events.

3-Car Windows - I love riding in a car with the windows down especially in the Spring and Fall but with long hair it went from peaceful to perturbing.  Being whiplashed by your own hair is not a pleasant way to live.

4-Sleeping - Sleeping with long hair can be dangerous and if you toss and turn too much can incite some pretty crazy dreams!  You roll your head to feel a pull and simultaneously choke on the hair in your face.  If you sleep with a fan you are constantly being “tickled” by the little hairs on the top of your head that seem lighter and specifically designed for this kind of torture.  Sleeping with a ponytails is alright but if you sleep on your back its like sleeping with a golf ball behind your head.

5-Product - I’m a dude who likes guns and four wheel drive.  Referring to hair spray as “product” has nearly lost me my man card on a number of occasions.  I have a bit of a reaction to daily use hair products and my already dry scalp drys out even more.

6-Fly Aways - These are the hairs that will NEVER make it in to the pony tails and THEY SUCK!!!!

7-Mistaken Spiders - My wife’s long red hair is found through out our home in the form of balled up little tangly things.  Her hair is red and easily identified, mine is brown and is far too often mistaken for a spider especially in the morning when I have yet to don my glasses.

8-Shooting - I like to shoot firearms and nothing is worse than getting ready to pull the trigger only to be pulled off target by a strand of hair entering my line of sight and tickling my nose.

9-Questions/Suggestions - With long hair everyone has an idea for how you should wear it.  Everyone has a “great product” that would work for you.  Everyone wants to know, “When you gonna cut it?”  With the Buzz Cut, questions and comments will be eliminated.

10-Too Many Conversations About Hair Care Products - See above and just know I DO NOT CARE ABOUT HAIR CARE PRODUCTS!