Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

What an amazing time we have been having in the presence of the Lord!  This last Sunday (July 12th) was full of truth, breakthrough and victory for so many!  The word that keeps coming to me is "JOY".

One thing that has stuck with me since yesterday morning is that "the battle has already been won."  I've said this for years but really started thinking about this in the here and now.  I have begun to realize that my perspective had been that we WILL win in the end.  We fight daily a simulation of a battle or battles that have already been won...crazy right?  I recognize there is no battle for ME to fight only a race to run.  A race in which the goal is simply to finish.  The "Worship Warfare" I talk about has been adjusted in me and it's still unfolding in my heart but I am so grateful that HE is who fought the battle and emerged victorious at the resurrection.

I wanted to post this song so you could all be prepared to join with us and lift your voices this Sunday as we proclaim our Joy from the Lord over all the earth!  Blessings! - J.