Culture Shift

Just a few things all followers of Christ should be considering: 1) It has become quite obvious that the media and some in government have desired for some time to re-shape America's culture with their own set of values. Afterall values and beliefs are what shape a culture. 2) If a group of people want to initiate a new set of values and beliefs especially about who God is and what man needs, guess who they will need to eliminate and/or silence? You guessed it. Any existing people who have a revelation of who God is and what man needs. 3) It is time for the church in America to get ahead of the world's events instead of just reacting. Think of Joseph and Noah, they heard God and prepared for the flood and famine BEFORE they happened. It would appear to me that we must get back to hearing God's present tense voice of preparation before it's too late.

Pastor Steve Eden