This Sunday!

Be sure and join us this Sunday for the conclusion of the Pride series! There are so many stout things on the Lord’s heart for this Sunday as He continues to lovingly and mercifully remove any pride or symptoms of pride from us. We will complete the Pride Test this Sunday, and I have listed the complete 10 below:

You might struggle with pride if:

1) You’re always talking about yourself (good or bad)

2) You cannot deal with being overlooked or ignored

3) You don’t like receiving

4) You cannot rejoice when others get blessed

5) You often lie or exaggerate

6) You are easily angered or offended

7) You are never wrong (in your own mind)

8) You think you are better than someone else (or more valuable)

9) You think certain tasks are ‘beneath’ you

10) You believe you don’t need anyone or anything

Cannot wait to see you and worship our Lord together!! Let’s come singing, praying, rejoicing, and renewing!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Steve