Growing In Community!

This Sunday we conclude the series on “Community”, although I am quite certain God will weave it into our other series throughout the year. This Sunday we will finish up looking at 8 Things Community Produces: Encouragement, Prayer, Honesty, Growth, Forgiveness, Security, Roles, and Application. This is truly a great season we are in. I don’t know if it is because we know the tomb is STILL empty coming off of Easter or if God’s Spirit is just more evident to us and through us these days, but it’s truly a great season! I am stirred to pray more, to listen to His Voice more, to walk in greater degrees of Holiness, and to share His love. Stacy and I are certainly asking for all flesh to be removed from us, the staff, the leaders, and the Grace Church body until all that remains is a mighty army of Christ followers being led by God’s Spirit alone!

As we gather this Sunday, come singing, come praying, come boldly, come confidently, and let’s worship our Great God in Spirit and in Truth!