Community Series Take Away Points:

Part 1.

A. God says in November 2014, "I want to increase the levels of community, comradery, and connectivity within the body at Grace."

. Community defined - A unified body of individuals. We gather as individuals but we are called collectively for God's purpose.

B. We took the challenge to be the most loving and caring church around.

a. Jesus will not be different THROUGH you than He is TO you!

. It's a problem when our message doesn't match our lives.

C. 24 times in the New Testament believers are instructed to "greet one another" which means: to deeply know & express care and concern for each other".

. Galatians 6:10 - 'do good to all but especially to those of the household of faith.'

. Our love for one another is to be the greatest indisputable evidence we are New Covenant believer's born of God's Spirit. God's love is not just for the lost man!

D. God's idea of community is building authentic relationships not as a sanctioned church program but as an attitude and identity of all His children. (See John 13:34-35)

E. The #1 factor for children being part of a community of believers as adults is: "Was their father a part of a community of believers when the child was growing up."

. If a child comes to Christ, 8% of the time the rest of the family will too. If the mom comes to Christ, 16% of the time the rest of the family will too. If the father comes to Christ, 90% of the time the rest of the family will too.

F. The world needs a relevant and alive body of believers who will serve as a refuge through the storms and pressures of life.

G. James 5:16 and Luke 5:19 - Healing just doesn't happen much in isolation.

. Sometimes it takes great love from people before someone can experience great healing from God!